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Title Nature /
Statement of responsibility, etc edited by Jeff Kastner.
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Series statement Documents of contemporary art
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Bibliography, etc Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Title Introduction --
-- Material zones --
-- Imagination and matter /
Statement of responsibility Gaston Bachelard --
Title On the importance of natural disasters /
Statement of responsibility Walter De Maria --
Title In conversation with Dennis Wheeler /
Statement of responsibility Robert Smithson --
Title Systems aesthetics: conversation with Jeanne Siegel /
Statement of responsibility Hans Haacke --
Title Looking at, and overlooking, women working in land art in the 1970s /
Statement of responsibility Suzaan Boettger --
Title In conversation with Linda Montano /
Statement of responsibility Ana Mendieta --
Title A nomad among builders /
Statement of responsibility Michael Auping --
Title Scapeland /
Statement of responsibility Jean-François Lyotard --
Title Between space and time /
Statement of responsibility David Harvey --
Title Flow city /
Statement of responsibility Mierle Laderman Ukeles --
Title Topologies: Michel Serres and the shapes of thought /
Statement of responsibility Steven Connor --
Title Heather and Ivan Morison: Earthwalker /
Statement of responsibility Emma Cocker --
Title On TechnoSphere /
Statement of responsibility Jane Prophet --
Title Mind and body shifting: from networks to nanosystems /
Statement of responsibility Victoria Vesna --
Title Vibrant matter: a political ecology of things /
Statement of responsibility Jane Bennett --
Title Curie's children /
Statement of responsibility Vilém Flusser --
Title A brief history of art involving DNA /
Statement of responsibility George Gessert --
505 0# - Formatted Contents Note
Title Interactive plant growing (1993) /
Statement of responsibility Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau --
Title Art that looks you in the eye /
Statement of responsibility Eduardo Kac --
Title In conversation with Thyrza Nichols Goodeve /
Statement of responsibility Aziz + Cucher --
Title The extended body /
Statement of responsibility Oron Catts & Ionart Zurr --
Title Evolutionary ideas --
-- Creative evolution /
Statement of responsibility Henri Bergson --
Title The biosphere /
Statement of responsibility Vladimir Vernadsky --
Title Chance and necessity /
Statement of responsibility Jacques Monod --
Title Steps to an ecology of mind /
Statement of responsibility Gregory Bateson --
Title The three great movements /
Statement of responsibility Arne Naess --
Title The three ecologies /
Statement of responsibility Félix Guattari --
Title Nature and culture /
Statement of responsibility Peter Halley --
Title Experimental geography /
Statement of responsibility Trevor Paglen --
Title Remote possibilities: land art's changing terrain /
Statement of responsibility Claire Bishop, Lynne Cooke, Tim Griffin, Pierre Huyghe, Pamela M. Lee, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Andrea Zittel --
Title On ecocivility /
Statement of responsibility Helen & Newton Harrison --
Title In conversation with Stefano Boeri and Hans Ulrich Obrist /
Statement of responsibility Tomás Saraceno --
Title Art in the age of technoscience /
Statement of responsibility Ingeborg Reichle --
505 0# - Formatted Contents Note
Title The history of telepresence: automata, illusion and rejecting the body /
Statement of responsibility Oliver Grau --
Title A cyborg manifesto /
Statement of responsibility Donna Haraway --
Title From psycho-body to cyber-systems: images as post-human entities /
Statement of responsibility Stelarc --
Title No ghost /
Statement of responsibility Tom McDonough --
Title Cognition and conscience --
-- The natural fantastic /
Statement of responsibility Roger Caillois --
Title What is it like to be a bat? /
Statement of responsibility Thomas Nagel --
Title The animal that therefore I am /
Statement of responsibility Jacques Derrida --
Title The open: man and animal /
Statement of responsibility Giorgio Agamben --
Title In conversation with Robert Rosenblum /
Statement of responsibility Alan Sonfist --
Title In conversation /
Statement of responsibility Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman --
Title In conversation with Mark Dion /
Statement of responsibility Andrew Ross --
Title The world we live in is a revelation /
Statement of responsibility herman de vries --
Title Crossroads community (The Farm) /
Statement of responsibility Bonnie Sherk --
Title 7,000 oaks: conversation with Richard Demarco /
Statement of responsibility Joseph Beuys --
Title Notes on art as/and land reclamation /
Statement of responsibility Robert Morris --
Title In conversation with Fareed Armaly and Ute Meta Bauer /
Statement of responsibility Mel Chin --
Title In conversation with Shane Danaher /
Statement of responsibility Mary Mattingly --
505 0# - Formatted Contents Note
Title In conversation with Tim Chamberlain /
Statement of responsibility Brandon Ballengée --
Title Please don't feed the animals /
Statement of responsibility Jesse Ashlock --
Title Marcus Coates /
Statement of responsibility Mark Sheerin --
Title Rachel Berwick: Zugunruhe (2009) /
Statement of responsibility Denise Markonish --
Title Justine Cooper: the awe of natural history collections /
Statement of responsibility Carl Zimmer --
Title Earth sound research revival: conversation with Jörg Heiser /
Statement of responsibility Henrik Håkansson --
Title The politics of life itself /
Statement of responsibility Nikolas Rose --
Title Contestational biology /
Statement of responsibility Critical Art Ensemble --
Title Zhao Renhui: The blind /
Statement of responsibility Paul Tebbs --
Title Will non-humans be saved? : an argument in ecotheology /
Statement of responsibility Bruno Latour --
Title Biographical notes.
520 8# - Summary, Etc.
Summary, etc This anthology considers how the rise of transdisciplinary practices in the post-war era allowed for new kinds of artistic engagement with nature. It provides an overview of the eclectic scientific and philosophical sources that inform contemporary art's investigations of nature.
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Topical term or geographic name as entry element Nature in art.
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Topical term or geographic name as entry element Nature (Aesthetics)
650 #0 - Subject Added Entry-Topical Term
Topical term or geographic name as entry element Arts, Modern
General subdivision Themes, motives.
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Personal name Kastner, Jeffrey,
Relator term editor.
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Corporate name or jurisdiction name as entry element Whitechapel Art Gallery
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Uniform title Documents of contemporary art series.
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