Albers, Josef,

Interaction of color / Interaction of colour. Josef Albers ; [foreword by Nicholas Fox Weber]. - 50th anniversary edition [i.e. 4th ed.]. - New haven [connecticut] : Yale university press, [2013] - xi, 193 pages : colour illustrations ; 24 cm.

Original edition: 1963.

Machine generated contents note: I.Color recollection---visual memory -- II.Color reading and contexture -- III.Why color paper---instead of pigment and paint -- IV.A color has many faces---the relativity of color -- V.Lighter and / or darker---light intensity, lightness -- Gradation studies---new presentations -- Color intensity---brightness -- VI.1 color appears as 2---looking like the reversed grounds -- VII.2 different colors look alike---subtraction of color -- VIII.Why color deception?---after-image, simultaneous contrast -- IX.Color mixture in paper---illusion of transparence -- X.Factual mixtures---additive and subtractive -- XI.Transparence and space-illusion -- Color boundaries and plastic action -- XII.Optical mixture---after-image revised -- XIII.The Bezold Effect -- XIV.Color intervals and transformation -- XV.The middle mixture again---intersecting colors -- XVI.Color juxtaposition---harmony---quantity -- XVII.Film color and volume color---2 natural effects -- Contents note continued: XVIII.Free studies---a challenge to imagination -- Stripes---restricted juxtaposition -- Fall leaf studies---an American discovery -- XIX.The Masters---color instrumentation -- XX.The Weber-Fechner Law---the measure in mixture -- XXI.From color temperature to humidity in color -- XXII.Vibrating boundaries---enforced contours -- XXIII.Equal light intensity---vanishing boundaries -- XXIV.Color theories---color systems -- XXV.On teaching color---some color terms -- Explanation of color terms -- Variants versus variety -- XXVI.In lieu of a bibliography---my first collaborators.

This new edition presents a significantly expanded selection of close to sixty colour studies alongside Alberss original text, demonstrating such principles as colour relativity, intensity and temperature; vibrating and vanishing boundaries; and the illusion of transparency and reversed grounds.

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Color--Study and teaching.

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