The Great divide : an ongoing critique of Australian culture under capitalism : reviews of oppositional cultural work and an examination of socialist models / edited by Charles Merewether and Ann Stephen. - Fitzroy, Vic. : The Great Divide, 1977. - 150 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.

Cover title: The Great divide, 1977.

Why is Australia a World of Absolute of Silence? / Cuban Posters: Photographs by Elliot Lavis, Michie Gleason, David Hay and Dany Torsh in Cuba, March 1977 -- Socialist and Capitalist Realism in the Arts and sciences: A systemic View / The Myer Foundation Report on PrivateSector Support for the Arts / The Story of Cur, Piggy and the Prefect / 3ZZ Producer's Statement -- The 3ZZ Experience - The Minorities Versus the Fraser Government for Freedom of Speech / Public Broadcasting in Melbourne / 3CR - 'There Was a Movement at the Station ...' / Who's Eating Australia / Review of Australia's Media Monopolies by Humphrey McQueen / The Government Menace - dismantling the Melbourne Film-makers Co-op / Nindeebiya Aboriginal Workshop / Aboriginal Land Rights Posters -- Melbourne Murals - Between the Wars 1924-1940 / The Reactionary / Review of Twoards a People's Art - The Contemporary Mural Movement by Eva Cockcroft, John Weber, James Cockcroft / Community Art Workers / Permanent Red Group / Melbourne Poster Workshop / Art Education Under Capitalism / Me and Daphne - Political Cinema / Defeat Formalism in Art / Sexism and Education / Women's Art Programme / A Critique of the Victorian Ministry of the Arts - Tapestry Workshop / The Woodchip Industry and Protest Art / NotesTowards an Open Creative Worhsop - Preston / Architecture for the People / Debney Park Cable Television - The Beginning of the End / Papers Presented at the Adelaide Seminar: 'The Role and Direction of Public Art" -- 1. Who Decides Which Artist for Any Project? / 2. Culture, Ideology and Power / 3. The Nature of art and Some Implications for Public Policy / 4. The South Australian Government Cultural Policy / The Tin Sheds: A Rose by Another Name? / The Mode of Production Best Suited to Leisure / Art and Leisure / Uranium and the State / Political Theatre: Is It Obsolete? / Uranium Comic. Ian Burn, Nigel Lendon, Terry Smith -- Why Do They Keep on Coming? / Ian Burn, Nigel Lendon, Terry Smith -- The Art Establishment and Working Class Culture / Jeff Stewart -- Dallas Smythe -- Ann Steohen & Charles Merewether -- Terry Smith -- George Zangalis -- Mark Edmonds -- Martin Muntz -- Ann Stephen -- David Griffiths -- John Hughes -- Sharon Firebrace -- Deane Harwick -- John Nixon -- Geoff Hogg -- Charlotte Clements, Magnus Beugglar -- Sandy Kirby -- Julian Pefanis -- Charles Merewether -- Charles Merewether -- Ian Burn, Nigel Lendon -- Bonita Ely -- Bonita Ely & Anna Havana -- Elizabeth Nettleton -- John Wolseley -- Rob Dixon -- Norman Day -- Karen Barrett -- Noel Sheridan -- Brian Medlin -- Donald Brook -- Julie Ewington -- Chips Mackinolty -- Bernard Smith -- Lawrence Bendle -- Peter Wardle -- Bill Garner --

This anthology documents the Australian artists who were challenging Malcolm Fraser's Liberal Party rule on a 'cultural/ideological front'. It has 40 essays on community radio; Nindeebiya Aboriginal Workshop, Melbourne murals (1924 -1940); community art; poster art women's art; protest art (against woodchipping); the Tin Sheds; political theatre etc.

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