Documents on art and taste in Australia : the colonial period, 1770-1914 / Documents on art and taste in Australia, 1770-1914. edited by Bernard Smith. - xi, 299 pages ; 23 cm.

Paperback edition has title: Documents on art and taste in Australia 1770-1914.

Includes bibliography (pages 282-285) and index.

1. In a New Land: Introduction The First Encounter 1773 / Sydney Parkinson A Land of Romantic Enchantmen / Thomas Watling A Prospectus for a Set of Picturesque Drawings 1794 / Thomas Watling The Troubles of an Insect Collector 1803 / John William Lewin The Extraordinary Insects of New South Wales 1805 / Thomas Lewin Picturesque Views of Australia 1824 / Joseph Lycett 2. Some Early Reflections on Nature in Australia: Introduction On Crossing the Blue Mountains 1825 / Barron Field On Planning the Gardens of the Marine Villas of Port Jackson 1836 / Thomas Shepherd The Beauties of Australia 1838 / William Woolls On Crossing the Blue Mountains 1839 / Charles Darwin 3. Some Early Reflections on Art in Australia: Introduction / On the State of the Fine Arts in New South Wales 1829 / John McGarvie TheState of Arts in Their Intellectual and Social Relations 1848 / John West The School of Athens as It Assimilates with Mechanics' Institution 1849 / Benjamin Duterreau A Lecture on Landscape Painting 1856 / Conrad Martens 4. Artists in Search of Gold: Introduction At the Ballarat Gold Diggings 1853-54 / Eugen von Guerard Life on the Diggings 1852-53 / Thomas Woolner 5. Hardship and Weird Melancholy: Introduction The Bushfires of Black Thursday 1851 / William Strutt The Weird Melancholy of the Australian Bush 1874 / Marcus Clarke 6. Education, Taste and Nature: Introduction Art Education in Australia 1857 / Jospeh Sheridan Moore Mr Von Guerard's New Picture 1870 / James Smith Von Guerard's Reply to James Smith 1970 / Eugen von Guerard Among the Western Highlands of Tasmania 1892 / William Charles Piguenit 7. The Impact of Paris: Introduction Six Letters to Tom Roberts 1885-1890 / John Peter Russell The Exhibition of 9 x 5 Impressions, Buxton's Gallery, Melbourne, August 1889 -- Review by James Smith, 17 August 1889 -- Roberts, Streeton and Conder Reply to James Smith, 30 August 1889 -- James Smith's Reply to Roberts, Streeton and Conder, 4 September 1889 The Exhibition of Australia Art, Grafton Gallery, London, April-May 1898 -- Review in the 'Pall Mall Gazette', 4 April 1898 / R. A. M. Stevenson -- Review in 'The Times', London, 4 April 1898 / Sir Thomas Humphrey Ward -- Review in the 'Saturday Review', 16 April 1898 / Dugald Sutherland MacColl Selections from 'Landscape Painting in Australia', 1902 / Alfred James Daplyn 8. Nationalism: Introduction Australian Decorative Arts 1889 / Lucien Henry What Should Australian Artists Paint? 1890 / Sidney Dickinson Two Letters to Tom Roberts 1890, 1891 / Sir Arthur Ernest Streeton Another Letter to Tom Roberts 17 December 1891 / Sir Arthur Ernest Streeton A Letter to Frederick McCubbin 1891 / Sir Arthur Ernest Streeton The Trend of Australian Art Considered and Discussed 1903 / Sydney Long Some Remarks on the History of Australia Art 1916 / Frederick McCubbin List of Sources

This book brings together, in the form of an annotated critical anthology. a selection of writings by, or about, artists who lived and worked in Australia between 1770 and 1914. Some of the material has been published before, though little of it is known.

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Art, Colonial--Australia.

Australia Visual arts Aesthetics 1770-1914