Art in the biotech era / [edited by Melentie Pandilovski]. - 231 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm.

"Adelaide Bank 2004 Festival of Arts"--T.p verso.

Unverifiable claims in genetic art / Bioaesthetics as bioethics / Life-resistance and tactical media / The spectacle of public health under the sign of bioterror / i-BPE strategy text: sketches towards deep harmonization / Humancraft / Certain things which lie within the class of what is frightening / The role of the scientist and science in bio-art / Moistmedia art: when the jaguar lies down with the lamb / Inspiration (inspirit-us) / Noncode code / On the work of Marta De Menezes / Verisimilitude: biotechnology and ancient Greek narrative / Lucky / By-products, accidents and collaboration in between blue skies and dirty cracks / AGALMA / Joe Davis on art, biology and the body politic / pFARM / CHOOSE LIFE: R.I.G. (rest in G.L.A.C.K.) / Life transformation: art mutation / Journeys to the other side of the navel / The art of the semi-living and partial life: extra ear, 1/4 scale / Transient patchiness: the slippery territories of groWorld / Recombinant I-Ching / George Gessert -- Anna Munster -- Eugene Thacker -- Critical Art Ensemble -- Diane Ludin -- Gina Czarnecki -- Michalis Pichler -- Stuart Bunt -- Roy Ascott -- Liljana Simjanovska -- André Brodyk -- Miguel Amado -- Niki Sperou -- Raewyn Turner -- Mike Stubbs -- Zoran Todorović -- Joe Davis -- Adam Zaretsky -- Tanya Visosević -- Eduardo Kac -- Boo Chapple -- Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr -- FOAM: Maja Kuzmanovic, Nik Gaffney -- Recombinant I-Ching Collective.

How do we arrive at a definition of this new art form that utilizes the merging of genetics, art and information technologies, and which has been augmented in its means and accented in its direction through this 'interdisciplinary' interaction?

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Art, Modern.
Art and technology.
Art and science.
Art, Modern--21st century.

Fine arts (Australia)

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